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Fahad cables products range Cat6a Network cable TMT cat3 cat5e cable cat6 cable cat6a cable cat7 cable cat8 cable full copper LSZH and pvc out door Ethernet cables

1. Cat6A cable is made and Terminated to tighter Tolerances than Cat6 internet cable. This means the copper Conductors are twisted tighter. This requires higher Specification patch panels, wall jacks, and RJ45 Connectors.
2. Cat6A speed is at least 500 MHz. This allows 10 Gbp/s (Gigabits per second) up to 328 feet (100 meters). Cat6 max speed is 250 MHz. Therefore, it only supports 10 Gbp/s to 165 feet (55 meters) under ideal conditions—less in heavy cross talk environments.
3. Cat6A Ethernet cable often uses thicker copper Conductors and jackets. This make Installation more difficult and drives up the price.


Cat6A cable Installation is very different from Cat6 cable Installation cost. When Installing Cat6A Ethernet cable to achieve 10 Gbp/s speed, the increase in costs is not only from the cabling. Extra costs are due to the need for higher performance Switches and Additional Networking Hardware. A single piece of network Infrastructure, like cable, cannot be Upgraded to Cat6A Specification and give you faster speeds. That is until the entire network Infrastructure is Upgraded.

Cost of installation also increases with Cat6A cable from a labor Standpoint. Cat6A cable is heavier than Cat6 and less Flexible. It requires extra attention to detail to terminate properly. If there is no in-house expertise to properly install Cat6A cabling, then a network cabling contractor is recommended.

Don’t forget that Cat6 speed cable also support 10 Gbp/s. The only caveat is Cat6 internet cable will only support that speed to a maximum of 165 feet (55 meters). If there is heavy cross talk potential (large bundles of cable run together), a distance limit of 110 feet (33 meters) should be observed. In either case, short high-speed runs can be made, as long as the servers and switches support 10 Gbp/s. Often, this is enough to relieve any network bottlenecks while keeping costs down. If you would like to know more about the difference between Cat6 and Cat6E, get in touch with our team.

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