Guest Room Management (GRM) System

The GRMS (Guest Room Management System) is the automation system of the hotel room. Apart from improving the interior beauty of the hotel, the Guest Room Management System (GRMS) enhances the hotel operator’s control by providing efficient and intelligent management. Furthermore, the GRM System contributes to reducing operation and maintenance costs and provides guests with elegant and beautiful-looking panels. Most of their uses are in hotel rooms, hotel / serviced apartment rooms, guest houses, etc.

Convenience to the Guest

A guest room management system gives the guest added comfort to control multiple devices in the room through a single control panel near the bed.

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Convenience to the Operator

Features like central monitoring and control allow the operator to efficiently monitor and cater to the guest’s needs from a central location.

A typical set of functions that can be provided are as follows:

  • Light management (ON/OFF or dimmer)
  • Openings (curtains, rolling shutters and so on)
  • HVAC system
  • Launch ambience and comfort scenes
  • Manage services such as “Do Not Disturb” (DND) or “Make Up Room” (MUR)
  • Presence/absence of the guest in the room
  • Communication with third-party systems as supervisors, access controls, PMS, Smartphones/tablets, TV and so on

Experience and Expertise

Al Mazrooei Security Systems provides and maintains all types of GRM Systems. Our company has extensive experience in providing the latest technology GRM systems to clients in the hospitality sphere.

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