Public Address System

The Purpose of the Public Addressing (PA) System is to announce or convey a message to a large audience. PA systems offer the capability of pre-recorded message announcements, which are highly recommended in the event of an emergency to provide spontaneous instructions for rescue and alert inmates on the property. Microphones are used in public address systems as input units for converting sound into electrical signals. Amplifiers will amplify the waves to strengthen the signal. Speakers are the output unit that will give sound waves as output to make them audible to the public. The capacity of loudspeakers depends on the watts they can carry.

PA System as Voice Evacuation System

A Public Address System is an electronic amplification system that consists of a mixer, an amplifier, and loudspeakers. It is ideal for public announcements in all facilities, such as schools, businesses, offices, and retail stores. Multiple inputs with assigned priorities and call signs to provide the required flexibility and safety. PA System is commonly used as a Voice Evacuation System in case of any emergency. During an emergency, the Voice Evacuation System releases recorded voices to the public to evacuate. We can integrate this Evacuation System with the Fire Alarm System on your premises.

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